Whoever Kidnapped the Real Bobby Jindal Returned Him This Morning

This is the Bobby Jindal Republicans are used to seeing and expected to see last night. This guy is a force to be reckoned with. I especially appreciate him telling Democrats they should read what’s in their bill. Be sure to watch the whole video. (hat tip Steve Schippert)

Update: For those who say this doesn’t matter because no one will remember anything but Jindal’s first impression last night, here is my response. First, watch the video before commenting. Regardless of what anyone thought of him last night, and I was pretty hard on him, you can’t deny the effectiveness of the Today interview. The GOP should put him on every interview show they can find. The performance last night may hurt Jindal’s chances in 2012, but his interview on Today could hurt Obama’s chance of getting all his big spending bills passed this year. I hope we see Jindal interviewed as frequently as possible. He destroyed the Dem plan, and he did it in a matter of fact likable way.

Clarification: I said ‘last night may hurt Jindal’s chance in 2012″ but that is not exactly what I meant. What I was referring to was how some may view him now (today) looking forward to a 2012 run. I don’t think this will have any impact on his chances when we get closer to 2012, but it will change the way people discuss him and the other 2012 potential candidates today and in the short term. The guy is brilliant and his teleprompter “speechifying” will improve. That Dems are now going to underestimate him is a very good thing.

Update II: Here is why I am thrilled to see most of the Democrats commenting here write Jindal off…

1. He will be underestimated now. That is always better than being overestimated. If I had not had such sky high expectations for Jindal last night I probably would have thought the speech was just fine.

2. Jindal is brilliant off the cuff. You know, in the real world, without a script. His mastery of the facts is incredible. Obama is a brilliant teleprompter speaker. Take away his teleprompter and he uh, uh, has uh, a little, uuuuuh, trouble.

3. If Jindal continues to do interviews like the one he did today on Today he will be a superstar by the time 2012 rolls around. That Dems don’t understand how devastating it is for Jindal to point out that Dems didn’t even read the bill and still don’t know what is in it, only helps Republicans. That they can see that interview (although I doubt many actually watched it before commenting) and not realize how damaging the message Jindal is delivering is to their big government agenda only helps Republicans in 2010 and 2012.

4. Jindal showed last night a weakness in reading from a teleprompter into a camera, but if you read the speech he gave last night, the content is good. Had he given a smooth polished speech full of fluff (Hope’n Change) that would have done more damage because it would have been at odds with his image as someone with a bright, quick mind who can get things done in his state. We just learned he is a bright, quick guy who can get things done, but is not great with a teleprompter and a camera. At least not yet.

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