Life in Florida XX

More wild and crazy stuff from around the Sunshine State

Room with a view- Couple finds hotel room peephole reversed.

Nightmare of the Iguana- City of Manalapan Commissioners concern themselves with four lizards.

Headline of the day- Boy’s Shooter probably errored. Does the Tampa Tribune then think the shooting was justified or should they have have come up with a better headline?

Then those who commit violent crimes are to set free?- Civil rights attorneys call for end to arrests of illegal immigrants.

Orders were shoot to kill?- Navy officers in training accused of killing 21 protected birds.

Maybe the victim should have sicced the pit bull on them- Puppy snatching suspects jailed.

Business as usual- Florida A&M athletic department is 4.2 million dollars in the red.

To the ends of the earth- Monroe County Election officials have to track down absentee voters for disputed judge race.

Whoever Kidnapped the Real Bobby Jindal Returned Him This Morning
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