Self locking

If the following article had only named the thief, I would have given him a Knucklehead award.

A THIEF has bungled an attempt to break in to a car in Adelaide, locking himself inside the vehicle as police arrived.

Police said the man was one of two caught early this morning breaking into cars at Port Noarlunga, in the city’s southern suburbs.

A 28-year-old was found hiding in some bushes while a 53-year-old was found hiding in one of the cars.

“The man, while breaking in to the car, had locked himself inside and couldn’t get out,” a police spokesman said.

How do you lock yourself in a car and be unable to go out. My wife once came home from morning mass. She had attended it with her mother. Nanay was not around and Leonita said ‘oh she’s home’. Nanay was out in the car, Leonita in a hurry when she got home left her mother behind. Children get left in cars by their parents all the time but did you ever hear of a parent being left in their car by their child?

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