Jindal Review

I didn’t watch the SOTU, but caught Bobby Jindal’s response. I am a big fan of Jindal and what he has done in Louisiana. He is one of the most frequently cited potential contenders for the GOP nomination in 2012. I was disappointed with tonight’s response though.

It was too general. I don’t think it was necessary for him to tell us over and over that Americans “can do anything” — once or twice would have been enough in such a short speech. Trying to beat the Obamessiah in the hope and inspiration department with rhetoric is not what we need to do right now. We should be giving the public what Obama won’t — the truth about what is actually in these bills, how much this is going to cost us in the generations to come, etc. We have tons of facts and figures in our favor. We have examples of ridiculous non-stimulating items in the spendulus bill. The public is already skeptical of the huge spending Obama is pushing. We need to hammer the facts.

We also need to be explaining to America just how extreme some of the Democrats’ policies are — especially in respect to how much they will transfer power from the private sector to bureaucratic government.

Jindal came across as pleasant, but he did not seem relaxed. The continuous arm movements drove me crazy. It looked too rehearsed, but that is something he can definitely work on. It is much easier to come across natural when speaking to a live audience than it is to a camera, but his delivery should have been better than it was. Jindal is very intelligent and is building a strong record as governor in Louisiana and that is what Republicans are going to find extremely impressive. If he can improve his “speechifying” skills he will continue to be someone much discussed the closer we get to the 2012 campaign.

Update: Here is the full text of the Jindal response.

Update II: NBC keeping it classy.

Update III: Everything I heard today was about how high Obama’s approval ratings were — most (including Katie Couric following the speech) cited 68%. Gallup shows Obama approval dipping to 59%. A loss of about 10 points in one month. The SOTU speech almost always results in an uptick in polls for the president so I would expect it to jump back up into the 60’s, but shouldn’t the downward trend have been big news? Just one more thing the media chooses to ignore.

Update IV: Wow. This is the Bobby Jindal I was expecting to see last night. I can’t imagine a better performance than this one on Today this morning.

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