Exceeding Expectations

I have a new column up at Townhall:

Many on the right warned voters that if Barack Obama was elected he would spend even more money than George W. Bush and Republicans in Congress had spent. They warned he would enact policies that fit his “spread the wealth” philosophy and that his administration would be hostile to business. They warned that with a Democrat-controlled congress he would attempt to pass a very liberal agenda. In one short month, President Obama has exceeded even the wildest expectations of many of his critics.

During the campaign, those warning Barack Obama would be a typical tax-and-spend Democrat were pointed to the example set by George W. Bush and the Republicans in Congress. Voters were told the Democrats were now the party of fiscal responsibility. It is not accurate to say President Barack Obama has shown himself to be a typical tax-and-spender. He is an extraordinary one. In one short month he has made sure our great grandkids will be paying our debts with his $800 billion “stimulus” bill. At this rate, by the end of his administration George and Jane Jetson will be have a bill, too. If he gets universal healthcare, daughter Judy and their boy Elroy might just owe as well. Read it all at Townhall.

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