The Knucklehead of the Day award

Today’s winner is attorney Barry M. Scotch. He gets the award for the following

Paul Sanchez, a 67-year-old “occasional” golfer, sued Candia Woods Golf Links this week over an accident that left him blind in one eye.

Sanchez, of 20 Country Club Drive, Manchester, was golfing with two or three friends in September 2006 when a ball he hit bounced off a yardage-marker and “whacked him” in the right eye, according to his attorney, Barry M. Scotch.

“Before he could even — pardon the expression — blink, he was hit,” Scotch said. “It just ricocheted right back at him.”

In the lawsuit, Sanchez faults the course’s owners for failing to warn him about the markers, which are used by golfers to decide what type of club to use and how much effort to put into a swing.

Sanchez is seeking unspecified damages, claiming the markers were made of material too rigid to be safe for the course, according to the suit filed in Rockingham County Superior Court. He also blames the mishap on a lack of warning about the markers and improper placement in the middle of the fairway.

The suit contends the course didn’t warn Sanchez about the risk in the pro shop, on the scorecard or on any tee boxes.

This is just an insanely dumb lawsuit. I love the following quote from Mr. Scotch.

“It’s not a frivolous, run-it-up-the-flagpole-and-see-who-salutes kind of thing,” Scotch said.

I didn’t know lawsuits were run up flagpoles. Barry M Scotch you are today’s Knucklehead of the Day.

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