Secretary Gates: Say No to Photographing Fallen Servicemen at Dover AFB

Tammy Munson at Army Household6 explains why she is asking Secretary Robert Gates to say no to allowing the media to take photographs of fallen servicemen from Iraq and Afghanistan as they arrive at Dover Air Force Base. It’s a very personal issue to her and other military families and she hopes Secretary Gates continues the policy of no photographers:

This is one of those situations where I don’t think we need to be transparent. If a service member dies, that is a private moment between that service member who already give the ultimate sacrifice and their family, loved ones,etc. Should they have to sacrifice their final goodbyes too?

I think that President Obama and Secretary Gates should ask US the military families… the ones it will effect of what we want to do. Let us decide if we want the media present to take pictures, video ,etc. First Lady Michelle Obama has said she wants to do more for military families… is this it? I certainly hope not.

I know for a fact that if my husband, SGT Daddy, has to make the ultimate sacrifice, I will not want to share my last moments with my husband and my children’s father with a bunch of journalists, photographers, etc.

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