Self fulfilling prophecy

Was Associated Press trying to be funny with this reporting?

There are so many mice in one Florida county courthouse that they’ve been seen falling from ceiling tiles.

One judge at the Palm Beach County Courthouse calls it an infestation. Some staffers say they check their handbags for stowaways before leaving the building each day.

Court employees and lawyers say the rodents scuttle down corridors, munch legal papers and scratch behind the walls. Last week, one mouse ran around a courtroom floor for an hour during a burglary trial.

The courthouse facilities manager says he’s put out a few dozen traps to capture the rodents. He says he’s not sure there has been an uptick in mice lately but says they’re getting more press than they deserve.

What was just a little bit of local news was deemed worthy of being reported worldwide by the biggest wire service there is. So these mice have definitely gotten more press than they deserve! Anyone see the irony?

Oh no I just wrote about it Wizbang too! Now it may be even begin spreading on the blogosphere. Can someone help put an end to this madness?

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