HuffPo Posts Fake Fox Video

Johnny Dollar’s has the story of a fake Fox News video Huffington Post ran. The video featured John Gibson comparing Eric Holder to a monkey with a bright blue scrotum. (This has to be the first time I have included a reference to bright blue monkey scrotums in a blog post. Let’s hope it will be the last.) Johnny Dollar also includes some delightful comments from those at HuffPo and other liberal blogs in the post. The liberal comments were fairly predictable.

The Huffington Post later ran a correction.

UPDATE: The Huffington Post has learned that the below video has been doctored. We regret the error and apologize to Mr. Gibson. John Gibson never compared Eric Holder to a monkey with a bright blue scrotum.

Rather, as seen in the unedited video below, Gibson played audio of Holder saying “nation of cowards” — so his full, unedited remarks were:

“We were talking about Eric Holder today on the radio and his comment that this is a nation of cowards.”

The video was doctored to include Trace Gallagher’s voice saying, “bright blue scrotum” where Gibson played Holder’s “nation of cowards” remark. The Huffington Post does not know the source of the video’s doctoring — it was picked up off TVNewser.

Update: Here is an example of one of those predictable liberal comments at Huffington Post:

“Whether or not the video was doctored or not, I think it is still a major indictment of Fox news that the possibility of the clip being authentic was within the realm of possibility. Many people believed it because of Fox’s tendency to play fast and loose with the truth. And that’s a Fact!!!”

Yes, that is what passes for “fact” in liberal la-la land. Only is the fake Gibson comment “within the realm of possibility” in the minds of those who are so obsessed by hatred of Fox News that they have convinced themselves that the fantasy version they have of Fox is reality.

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