Cheap cuts

Apparently this robber never heard the saying ‘If you’re going to steal, steal big.’

Police have released surveillance camera images of a man they say swung a knife as he tried to steal two packages of steaks and a package of pork chops from a supermarket last Thursday.

A loss-prevention employee at that Publix at 303 S.E. 17th St. saw the man conceal the food in his jacket and walk to the exit without paying for it, according to an Ocala police report. When the employee and a store manager attempted to stop him, the would-be robber cursed at them and shoved the loss-prevention employee out the way.

The employee tried to grab the man, but he shoved the employee, took out a small knife and slashed at him. The employee backed off, and the man fled. The merchandise, valued at $16.52, was recovered, but the man escaped.

Three packages and pork chops for under $17. Why doesn’t the Publix a mile away from my house have such bargains

Two packages of ground meat cost about $6. But that isn’t really steak to me. Pork chops run about five to six dollars. Pork shoulder blades less than that. I supposed the paper could be right in their descriptions, but its kind of iffy looking.

I suggest the robber go for Winn Dixie’s fillet mingons next time. That is the best steak, especially when cooked medium rare.

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