Not Your Daddy’s RNC

There are many reasons the Republican party has not done well in the past few election cycles and a failure to fully utilize available technology is just one of them. It is a big one, though. Even a great message will lose if it is not effectively communicated to the widest audience possible and today that means being able to use every technological tool available in the most effective manner possible. To do so requires being smart and creative and current. Thankfully for the GOP, new RNC chairman Michael Steele “gets” this and is reaching out to the best and brightest in the party.

Last Friday, Steele held a GOP Technology Summit in DC and as a result groups were formed to find the best ideas for the future of the party. An area I am working on involves the blogosphere. The many voices readers provide is what makes the blogosphere work. Instead of being one voice speaking to readers, the blogosphere is made up of many voices having discussions with each other. The GOP wants to tap into that wealth of voices and experiences that congregates online and better connect with and mobilize the grassroots.

Your ideas and comments will be considered and shared with the people who will be making the decisions for the future of the Republican party. To join the effort you can start by commenting here, then you can join one or both of the two groups launched by the GOP this week. One is the GOP TechSummit Grassroots group. The second, for Facebook users, is the GOP Tech Summit Facebook group which in three days has grown to over 2,000 members.

Dr. Melissa Clouthier describes the need for those who are not blog readers to become involved as well.

Part of the problem, of course, is that only 11% of the people on the internet read blogs, only a couple million are on Twitter, millions more are on Facebook and MySpace. Technology isn’t just online, though. Nearly everyone has a cell phone and can receive a text.

How do we get the newbies–grandma and grandpa, mom and dad, who have the time and inclination but not the education–involved? They can be part of the technological revolution, too, but will need help.

Those outside the blog-social media world need their voices heard, too. I encourage you to email your friends and family this blog post and get their ideas and forward them.

Winning elections means winning in the world of ideas, first. But the best idea, insufficiently shared will die alone. Technology is, at its essence, a means to share information. We Republicans need to do it better. This is a start.

Read more about the new GOP effort from Dan Riehl.

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