How Many Trillions of Dollars Have Been Lost?

Michelle Malkin notes that from the day Barack Obama won the election on November 4th to today, the Dow has dropped more than 2,000 points. Here are the numbers:

Close on Nov. 4: 9,625.28

12:55pm on Feb. 17: 7,581.04

How many trillions of dollars have been lost since Barack Obama won the election? Why isn’t the mainstream media discussing this? Would they be if it had been a Republican who was presiding over such a staggering loss? I think we all know that answer to that.

Update: Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit opines that today’s losses are due to Obama’s signing of Porkulus, and I agree.

Lorie adds: As I write this, the Dow is down 266 points for the day. I wonder what the same people who made a big deal out of a 107 point drop during a Bush speech will say about the numbers on the day Obama signs spendulus.

Kim adds: Why is the market Obama’s before he was sworn in? It wasn’t too long after he won November 4th that he took center stage regarding the economy and domestic policy. He held press conferences almost daily on these subjects including his stimulus package while George W. Bush stepped back from domestic policy and dealt only with foreign policy. Even Charles Krauthammer commented about this on Fox News Special Report. He said that we essentially had two presidents at that point: Obama who was in charge of domestic policy and Bush who was in charge of foreign policy. I don’t remember the exact day he said this but I am looking for a transcript or video of that episode to post here.

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