Detroit: What You Get When Big Government Liberalism Takes Total Control

Rob at Say Anything has a post that will shock you. Detroit is such a sewer of unbelievable poverty and crime that now an entire neighborhood has all but disappeared. All that is left is a bunch of boarded up houses now that outnumber the residents. It’s a testament to what happens when big government liberalism has total control of all parts of government for decades. A few of Rob’s commenters who are from the Detroit area described their experiences:

I’m from Michigan–born, raised, and currently live. My mother was born and raised within Detroit proper. When I lived in California no one believed the stories I told about Detroit.

When I was 16, I went to the Renaissance Center (now GM headquarters) which is the epicenter of downtown Detroit. All of the major streets of the metro area radiate radially from that place. On a Tuesday afternoon at 2 O’Clock, I stood looking down each street and for 2 minutes, it appeared as though I was the sole individual in the city. It was a bizarre feeling.

At that time, I had a friend who lived in a particularly terrible part of the city. When I would risk my life to visit him, I rarely ever saw any other signs of life in the neighborhood.

I have a co-worker who lived for several years within the city. He claims nothing bad ever happened to him.

But recently, a body was “found” frozen in the basement of an apartment building. The residents knew about the body, some even called police who did nothing. It wasn’t until a journalist from the Detroit Free Press pressured the authorities to remove the body that something was done. He had to call several times and an article was written about it.

I could tell more stories, but they’re all unbelievable. Sadly, this used to be a very beautiful, rich city. It very quickly went to hell.

East Side of Detroit (Grosse Pointe)(no jokes about Grosse Pointe Blank, please) born and bred myself. Same stories to tell and much the same feelings about the place today. Unfortunately I still have some family in the area, way out in the North suburbs, but they tell me the rot is reaching out to them as well. Really too bad that a city with such a rich history and heritage is crumbling like this. I wonder what the Fords, Fishers, Dodges and other car founding families would say about the place today.

As Rob says: “If you want to know whether or not big government works, look at Detroit.”

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