Why Are Liberals Giving Eric Cantor So Much Attention?

Republican Party Whip Eric Cantor is using a combination of Aerosmith, Newt Gingrich and Churchill to celebrate GOP unanimity against the Democrat’s spending bill that President Obama will sign tomorrow.

While the Aerosmith sountrack might be questionable, a quick perusal of the blogosphere shows that liberals are in high dudgeon over Cantor’s embrace of Gingrich and Churchill as his opposition model. There’s even the characteristic Cantor is stupid post by Josh Marshall (hmmm, what would a liberal riposte be without the customary query about the opponent’s ignorance? BTW, Marshall’s criticism is better directed to the authors of the Post article, not Minority Whip Cantor.)

All of this begs the question: Why do liberals even care? After all, they won.

Or is it that Democrats are perhaps a bit nervous about the budget busting monstrosity they have created? Maybe they are suffering from a bit of buyer’s remorse now that they can’t return this bill if its stimulus effect comes to naught and voters make them pay in 2010? How else to explain this singular attention to the House Minority Whip on a day they should be doing a victory lap?

Funny, But Not at All Surprising