Johnny bring your bullets

Another example of zero tolerance run amok?

An elementary school studnet was suspended from school on Thursday after he brought ammunition to school and told schoolmates about it, according to a Marion County Sheriff’s Office report.

The 11-year-old, who attends Emerald Shores Elementary School, showed other students six .22-caliber rifle cartridges and two empty shell casings that he had with him. He reportedly bragged about them to the students.

Once word spread about the ammunition, a sheriff’s deputy spoke to the child about where he had obtained the items. The boy told the deputy he picked them up from the shooting range while he was there with his parents.

The school’s dean told the deputy that the child would be suspended from school.

Bringing bullets to school is less dangerous than say taking a kitchen knife to cut steak with, but here in Florida both will result in having police called to the school. In this boy’s case, no arrest was made. Any smart education tell me how a suspension serves the best interests of this child when it comes to his schooling? Unless its to teach him how adults can over react to kids being kids.

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