A Lesson Learned

In my last post, I was rightly scorned by commenter Brian for screwing up some math in reference to aspects of the Porkulus bill. Of course, he automatically branded me as “dishonest”, when, though quite obvious, it was an honest mistake.

As a new blogger, it’s my first time having been called out for faulty figures. It is a sobering experience. I learned at least three initial things:

  • If writing about factual substance, triple-check your figures before posting.
  • Expect to get trounced by keen-eyed commenters if you are wrong.
  • DON’T blog after your bedtime.

Most of my posts are geared toward opinion. I believe that one of the main goals of a blog is to encourage people to think and hopefully gain a different perspective on subjects, whether political or otherwise.

It’s one thing if someone disagrees with you and your opinions. It’s quite another if you screw up a fact and get called out on it.

In a way, I’m actually glad this occurred. Like everyone else, I do not like to be wrong concerning factual information, however, when I am, I learn from my mistakes.

I think that notion is especially true for those of us who choose to share our thoughts in the realm of public opinion.

I hope this experience makes me a better blogger.

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