Speaking Of Bribes

Aside from having reputations as unabashed RINOs, Senators Arlen Specter, Susan Collins, and Olympia Snow have had one thing on their minds when it comes to the Porkulus bill: Money.

How much do their two states receive from the $790 billion boondoggle for their turncoat support of this spending orgy?

Pennsylvania stands to receive $16 billion to pay off one Republican Senator for his “support”.

Maine, having two Senators to bribe, stands to receive a whopping $33.46 billion. That number does not include a “tax credit” of $400 per worker, or $800 per “couple” (working couples not specified).

A breakdown of funds allotted for Pennsylvania can be found here.

A breakdown of funds allotted for Maine can be found here.

Roughly $50 billion, or about 6.25% of the Porkulus bill goes to these two states.


(Author’s note:

In the comments section, Brian points out errors that I made concerning the money alloted to Maine. I commend him for his diligence. He did, however, ascribe the adjective “dishonest” to me, and that is not the case. It was a mistake, and I am owning up to it right here on the main page. Though the numbers were wrong, I urge you to follow the links to see where the money is being spent. It can hardly be called “stimulus”.)

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