National Bribery and Guilt Day

Yes, it’s that day again, when various industries conspire to assure you that if you really love that special someone, you will spend more money than you can afford on things that person neither needs nor has specifically said they even want. After all, if you really want to help someone improve their life condition, flowers that will die soon, candy that will rot their teeth and clog their arteries, and jewelry that will spend most of its time in a box inside a larger case somewhere are not really going to be the way to go. Of course, it’s not considered “romantic” if you don’t spend prime dollars on florists, choclatiers, and bling. This con game goes on every year, and somehow millions of Americans play along.

So if you’re wondering how Obama and the Donkey Congress decided to sell their Graft N’ Pork bill as some kind of ’emergency economic stimulus’, just look at the fraud that is Valentine’s day, and you should see the template they used. In their case, however, the recipient of all that useless bilge is also expected to pay for it.

Makes ya wanna whack Cupid upside the head, doesn’t it?

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