Spendulus Tweeting

Or is it twittering? Tweeting, twittering? I’m kinda new to Twitter, but am really finding some of the comments there interesting. Here are a few tidbits re the “stimulus” bill:

From me: “Love the idea of insisting the clerk read the full stimulus bill. I wonder how long it takes to read 1400 pages? http://tinyurl.com/cgm8g2

Tom Coburn: “this is $25 billion per hour of reading, $208 billion per day, and $737 million per page”

Andy Roth: “It would take the Senate clerk 31.5 hours to read aloud the 1,071 page spendulus. This equals 3.8 work days.”

Michelle Malkin: “Guess what’s back in porkulus? Mob museum and stadium funding. http://bit.ly/3mm37

Andy Roth: “On the House Floor: Rep. Dennis Kucinich said the details of the bill should be debated…after the bill passes.”

Michelle Malkin: “McCain directly rebuts Schumer’s smirky claim that Americans don’t care about pork.”

But possibly the most revealing are from Democrat Claire McCaskill:

Bill text now on line. We will go through the whole thing before noon tomorrow. (about 11 hours ago from web)

A little much to have recently defeated Sununu lecturing members of Congress. (about 11 hours ago from web)

Goodness.John Sununu on Daily Show.Stewart making him squirm a little bit. Yikes, making him squirm more than a little. (about 11 hours ago from web)

Debate starts at 10 in am. Votes late tomorrow aft or early eve. Holding flight home tomorrow night. Hope I make it. (about 12 hours ago from web)

Just heard news on Gregg. Old ways die hard around here. I know our President won’t give up on changing the unproductive partisan habits. (about 18 hours ago from web)

Don’t know when we’re going to vote. Will the no votes delay vote just because they can?Speed is important. They know that. (about 20 hours ago from TinyTwitter)

I think we all know why speed is important here. I guess it would be asking too much to allow members (and *gasp* the public) to actually have time to read and digest the thing before voting on it. As for the comments on “unproductive partisan habits” maybe she was referring to her snarky comments about Sununu. I guess only those elected to Congress are qualified to express an opinion on the “stimulus” bill? Funniest comment was probably the one about going through the “whole thing” before noon. Since it would take over 31 hours to read it aloud I can just imagine how closely they are going to “go through” it.

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