One Thing The “Stimulus” Bill Has Been Good For

The bill has exposed some pretty outrageous hypocrisy. Wall Street Journal:

In 2003, amid debate about the Bush tax cuts and a budget deficit of merely $400 billion, Maine Senator Olympia Snowe demanded that any tax cuts be capped at $350 billion. “At a time of growing federal deficits,” the Republican declared to much media praise, “it is especially important that this plan be right-sized without putting our future at risk.”
[Review & Outlook] AP

Susan Collins, Olympia Snowe, Max Baucus, Harry Reid and Arlen Specter.

Flash forward to Tuesday: Ms. Snowe provided one of three crucial GOP votes that helped Democrats pass $838 billion in new spending and “tax cuts” — often for people who pay no taxes. The deficit for 2009 even before this stimulus? $1.2 trillion.

If nothing else good comes from this exercise, at least Senators Snowe, Susan Collins and Arlen Specter should be laughed out of town if they ever fret about a budget deficit again.Read the full article for information about the probable result of the “stimulus” bill, including a seriously scary chart.

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