Obama Donor Starts Anti-Stimulus Bill Campaign

From the Union Leader:

A GRASSROOTS EFFORT. Fred Tausch of Nashua is a frustrated, well-to-do businessman who got tired of watching politicians of both parties spending taxpayers’ money. And so, spending $100,000 of his own money, he’s trying to do something about it.

In big ads today in this newspaper and others, in radio advertisements and on a new Web site, the 37-year-old entrepreneur and investment manager emerges onto the political scene to provide an avenue for others upset about the size of the stimulus package and likely more spending measures on the horizon.

Tausch is a registered independent who, after voting Republican for most of his life, supported Barack Obama in the last election, even contributing $2,300 to the cause.

Tausch said he “got excited about his message. There was not a lot of fiscal discipline in either party, and I thought that when Obama talked about change, he was including that he would be more cautious about how we spend money. And that’s just not the case.”

Tausch says the federal government should have a limited role in trying to turn around the economy. He supports tax cuts for “working class” families and government purchase of government-backed securities to stabilize the mortgage industry and “keep people in their homes.”

But he said he considers much of the spending in the stimulus plan excessive and fears it will have “a profound effect on the American economy. We’re responding to a bad financial situation by borrowing a tremendous amount of money and spending it in a way that I don’t think will help the economy very much.”The website is Stewards of Prosperity.

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