Alert: Massive New Health Care Bureaucracy Still In Porkulus

A few days ago Arlen Specter went on Fox News and told Megyn Kelly that he would “clarify” and “correct” the language in the Porkulus bill that creates an entirely new federal bureaucracy that would force doctors to give up autonomy and conform to federally approved treatments and protocols. So much for clarifying and correcting. The provisions are still in this so called “stimulus” bill, and as we learn from Hot Air, they comprise almost 1/3 of the entire bill, which is over 1400 pages:

HA reader Dr. Eric Novack, who once led an effort in Arizona to put health-care freedoms into law, has reviewed the new version of Porkulus — and the same sections remain. In fact, as Eric notes, it occupies almost a third of the entire bill:

Of the 1434 pages, pages 806-1251are dedicated to the expansion of the federal health care bureaucracy. (That is, not including the COBRA, Medicaid, etc. expansion that begins on page 1278.)

page 826 line 8 establishes: There is hereby established a Federal Coordinating Council for Comparative Clinical Effectiveness Research

And the FCCCCER is the engine by which Daschle intended to eventually force all health providers to adhere to federal standards of treatment. They didn’t make 445 of 1500 pages about health care to decrease federal control of the industry.

Will Specter honor his commitment and vote against the nationalization of the health-care industry?

I was incredulous to Senator Specter’s comments that he would get that language corrected because the House and Senate Democrats hold all the cards in conference and would not let the Republicans have any say about the compromise bill. Unfortunately, I was right.

As to Ed’s question whether Specter will honor his commitment to vote against the nationalization of the health-care industry, I say probably not. Specter has already voted for it once, so the Democrats will expect him to vote for it again. He sees the Senate Democrats far more often than he does his own constituents, which makes me suspect he’ll go along to get along in order to avoid trouble even though this bill puts the rest of America in an awful health care predicament. It’s shocking, I know, since he’s a cancer survivor, but he’s part of the uber-elite; therefore, he can get any procedure and/or treatment he desires.

What I suspect Specter will do to justify his vote is that he’ll say that he read that portion of the bill and came to the conclusion that it doesn’t nationalize health care at all but instead infuses much needed technology into our health care industry, yada yada yada, while completely ignoring the new regulations that require doctors to confer with the government on treatments and the fines that doctors will be slapped with if they don’t.

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