Global Warming Hucksters Strike Again

Predictably, The Australian bushfires have drawn out global warming apostles, who say this is just more proof that it is real and man made.

In February 8th article from the Guardian.UK entitled “Bushfires and global warming: is there a link?“, this fear mongering suggestion is offered as fact.

“Global warming is predicted to make this sort of event happen 25%, 50% more,” Australian senator Bob Brown told Sky News.

“It’s a sobering reminder of the need for this nation and the whole world to act and put at a priority our need to tackle climate change.”

Professor Mark Adams, from the Bushfire Cooperative Research Center, said the extreme weather conditions that led to the bushfires are likely to occur more often.

“The weather and climatic conditions recently don’t augur well for the future. Bushfires are an important and going to be ever-present part of the landscape,” he said.”

Fast forward to this week, and we find a more plausible explanation.

From The Australian:

Police in hunt for multiple Victoria bushfire arsonists“, reads the title.

“THE arson investigation into the Black Saturday fires has become a hunt for one or more mass murderers, with police uncovering evidence indicating the inferno was deliberately lit at a number of places.”

No mention as to what they attribute last weeks record cold temperatures and snowfall that paralyzed Europe.

Global cooling, perhaps?

A retraction from the Guardian and its sources is not expected.

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