What's That Funny Taste?

India. Home to some of the finest teas in the world.

Not satisfied with just drinking tea, they’ve come up with a surefire winner in the soft drink wars:

From the Timesonline.UK:

Does your Pepsi lack pep? Is your Coke not the real thing? India’s Hindu nationalist movement apparently has the answer: a new soft drink made from cow urine.

A Mr. Prakash says:

“Don’t worry, it won’t smell like urine and will be tasty too,” he told The Times from his headquarters in Hardwar, one of four holy cities on the River Ganges. “Its USP will be that it’s going to be very healthy. It won’t be like carbonated drinks and would be devoid of any toxins.”

Yeah, but, IT’S COW PISS!!

Now keep in mind, you are reading the words uttered by a man who tried this. (No, not me.)

Comparing cola drinks to his new refreshing beverage:

Mr Prakash said his drink, by contrast, was made mainly of cow urine, mixed with a few medicinal and ayurvedic herbs. He said it would be “cheap”, but declined to give further details about its price or ingredients until it was officially launched.

He insisted, however, that it would be able to compete with the American cola brands, even with their enormous advertising budgets. “We’re going to give them good competition as our drink is good for mankind,” he said. “We may also think of exporting it.”

Look for it on grocery shelves soon. Right next to tasty marmot bile.

I’m sure there is some sort of “Cow Urine” subsidy in the Porkulus bill.

“New Coke” doesn’t seem so bad now.

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