What If?

What if the Republicans, who held Congress for 6 years, didn’t embark on a spending spree which helped to cost them their seats?

What if the economy didn’t tank when it did?

What if the main-stream media did its due diligence and focused its efforts on outing Obama for the radical liberal we all know him to be?

What if people like Chris Dodd, Chuck Schumer, Barney Frank, and Maxine Waters were not in charge of regulating the banking industry these past 2 years?

What if banks and creditors weren’t forced, by the above mentioned, to hand out loans to people who should never have received them, based on their lack of income or their credit scores?

What if McCain won, and handled the economic crisis with bold tax cuts instead of an immoral spending abomination?

What if McCain would have announced these tax cuts yesterday and the market was 400 points up instead of down, adding much needed confidence and worth to the portfolios of the American people?

What if we had a President, whose interest was sincere in helping the country, instead of the current one who lies about what’s contained in his bill and lowers himself to using scare tactics and fear-mongering to advance his socialist agenda?

What if we took this opportunity to remind ourselves of the fact that we put these scoundrels in office, and we have the power to kick them out?

What if we do that in 2010?

What if we choose to forget?

What if?

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