Late Thoughts On Obama's Speech

We all knew this bill would pass the Senate with RINOs like Specter, Snow, and Collins. But Obama feels as if he needs some pathetic form of validation in the form of adoration from the American people. Thus, his lame attempts Monday to evoke spirits of yesteryear.

Seeing support for his Godzilla of spending bills drop like ashes from one of his Newport Lights (support among the American people for the current bill is now down to 20%), President Obama tried to re-kindle his 4 year (ugh) campaign, holding 2 town hall-style meetings: One in Elkhart, Indiana, and the other with his White House press corp groupies. Only one tough question was asked of him, and that was by a lone dissenter from the batch kool-aiders in Elkhart, and she got booed for daring to question the ‘bama.

As for the White House press corp, it seemed as if they didn’t know how to act, let alone do their jobs. They seemed intimidated, if not stifled by the scary rhetoric belching from his mouth. When one of them could even get a question into Obama’s rambling, sleepy campaign shtick, it was from the usual soft ballers, who were purposefully pre-picked by Obama, as if they were campaign plants in a room full of “objective” journalists. In the 45 minutes I was able to stay awake for, I heard not one follow-up question.

If the press conference didn’t convince you of the abject narcissistic nature that is the Obama, then you have been blinded by his heavenly light to the point of willful denial.

Each answer given was a constant retreading of talking points passed out earlier in the day at his campaign rally. It wasn’t convincing. He seemed, in both arenas, to come across as impotent and self-absorbed. Telling lies and believing them, like some sociopath, who just happens to sit in the biggest seat at the table, offering nothing but economic fire and brimstone.

His opening statement was nothing but a recitation of his confidence-inspiring campaign-style rhetoric of his Elkhart speech. In what can only be described as fear-mongering, Mr. Hope and Change used confidence inspiring phrases like “deepening disaster”, invoking the Great Depression, and implying that without this bill, the current state of the economy could become “a crisis that at some point we may never be able to reverse”, turning into a “national catastrophe”. (Que scary music.)

One constant theme was to discredit the failed policy of the last eight years. He seems not to realize that for the past 2, he and his crooks on the left have been in charge. Quite a coincidence things started breaking apart then.

Though some of our resident leftards are fond of proclaiming “Conservatism is dead”, I offer this lack of support from the American people proof that Conservatism is not just alive and well, but its bucking for a whiplash-inducing comeback.

This is not just opposition to a few billion dollars spent unwisely. This is a total rebuke of the Liberal agenda which includes ramming social engineering programs and socialist stepping stones down our throats. They are ignoring the negative politics of radical, arrogant leftists, whose sole purpose is to change this country into something resembling a third world Europe.

This is opposition to big government and big spending, and is an embracing of strong, free-market, fiscal capitalism.

That is Conservatism.

That this is the reaction to legislation of which Obama deems to be of paramount importance, only underscores the fact that his cult-like status, although still popular, is not unassailable.

I sure hope it is a sign the the American people will be a little more serious about this bill’s opposition than they were when they haphazardly put Obama in charge with his leftist spend-freaks handling the nation’s purse strings.

If this passes completely, it may well be a rotten albatross around his neck for 4 short years.

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