Back off — it's the Chicago Way

One of your students doesn’t do his homework, you body-slam him into a desk. One of them mouths off at you, you shove him down the stairs. They go to the press, you go to the Department of Education. That’s the CHICAGO WAY.”

Or something like that. Investigative reporters have uncovered massive physical and emotional abuse of students by faculty, administration, security guards and even substitute teachers in the Chicago Public School system. But don’t expect former Chicago Public School chief Arne Duncan to be held accountable. He’s now sitting atop our nation’s educational bureaucracy as President Obama’s new Secretary of Education. CBS 2 is reporting:

An exclusive CBS 2 investigation discovered Treveon Martin is one of at least 818 Chicago Public School students, since 2003, to allege being battered by a teacher or an aide, coach, security guard, or even a principal. In most of those cases – 568 of them – Chicago Public School investigators determined the children were telling the truth.

“I’m thinking that I don’t really feel safe,” Martin said.

The 2 Investigators found reports of students beaten with broomsticks, whipped with belts, yard sticks, struck with staplers, choked, stomped on and pushed down stairs. One substitute teacher even fractured a student’s neck.

But even more alarming, in the vast majority of cases, teachers found guilty were only given a slap on the wrist.

And most of this occurred while Arne Duncan was in charge of the Chicago school system. Incompetence? Apathy? What’s going on here? I know, I know, I’m forgetting that good education is all about indoctrination rather than organization and discipline. And I’m sure that Arne Duncan ranks up there with the best insofar as his abilities to create indoctrination programs for children are concerned.

Do I even have to say that any member of the Bush Administration — especially one charged with developing and implementing policies aimed at children — would already be running from a pitchfork and torch carrying mob of Democrats if he had been involved in this kind of a scandal? After all, the Bush Administration and its Gestapo Chief, Dick Cheney, were directly responsible and accountable for the Blackwater and Halliburton scandals, weren’t they?

Once again, the silence from the national news media and liberal children’s advocacy groups is absolutely deafening.

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