Video: Arlen Specter and John Tester's Ignorance of the Stimulus Bill Contents

Yet Specter voted for it anyway under the excuse that he would make sure it was “corrected.” As I said earlier, how is he going to correct this when the Democrats have all the control in conference? And if Specter, Snowe and Collins suddenly get a case of rush to judgment-itis and vote no in the final vote, will Obama even care if he doesn’t get one Republican voting for it? I don’t think so based upon his antagonistic attitude toward the Republicans lately. Right now, his biggest concern is what the American people think, which is why he’s on a campaign effort to sway public opinion.

Senators Specter and Tester were interviewed by Megyn Kelly, which I alluded to earlier. Here are videos of the two of them fumbling to address her questions about the micromanaging health care provisions that are tucked neatly into the bill:

Senator Specter said he made a commitment to vote for the bill and he will not go back on that commitment. Senator, you committed to lie. You should back out.

Senator Tester said we want our health care system to be brought to the 21st century like the VA system. The VA health care system is a notoriously bloated bureaucratic mess, so Tester’s comments do not give me confidence.

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