Obama Voters' Remorse

Here is an excerpt from my Townhall column this week:

Three months ago Barack Obama was elected on a promise of hope and change. After less than a month in office his message has turned to one of gloom and doom. His approval ratings have dropped significantly, and many voters must surely wonder why the reality of the Obama presidency has not matched the promise of the Obama campaign. Some may even be experiencing a bit of buyers’ (or voters’) remorse…

… In contrast to his talk about bringing the nation together, at least twice in the past two weeks President Obama has made it a point to tell Republicans, “I won.” Other Democrat politicians, as well, have reminded Republicans that they won, claiming they have the mandate of the people. They did win – and quite decidedly so. But President Obama and Democrats should remember that the election was over three months ago. That is an eternity in politics and a lot has changed since then. Obama obviously has four more years to figure out how to please the voters as President, but there is never a second chance to make a first impression.

In a matter of three short weeks President Obama has gone from upbeat and optimistic to gloomy and fatalistic. Instead of bringing change to Washington, much of what voters have seen has been politics as usual. Some may be experiencing voters’ remorse, but if they had been paying attention to his record instead of his campaign promises, they would have known what they were getting all along.

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