A 12-year-old girl's opinion on abortion

When I clicked play to begin watching this video, I wasn’t expecting it to be this good. I figured it would be some middle-school girl talking about God, regurgitating her parents’ opinions. For most young kids, that’s all they’re doing when they talk about hot-button topics like abortion — repeating what they’ve heard. Sometimes, though, the child speaking is so knowledgeable, with so much passion and conviction in their eyes and in their voice, it’s obvious that they did this on their own. I’m convinced that this girl took the time to do her own research and wrote the speech herself.

I was stunned at how good this video is. This little girl, a seventh grader, spoke so eloquently and so convincingly on a topic that many adults can’t clearly articulate their feelings about. Abortion is one of this issues that dredges up passionate feelings, but they’re not always easily articulated. This girl did it with no problem. And she was thorough. She didn’t stick to the “it’s wrooooong” argument, but gave many valid, factual arguments on why abortion should not be legal.

Watch this video. It’s a little long, but still — prepare to be impressed.

Hat Tip: Caffeinated Thoughts

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