Possibly the Funniest Thing You Will Read This Year (unless you are a liberal)

Doug Giles has written one of the funniest things I have ever read. I am going to blockquote the first part of it, but please, please read it all. It goes on for a while and it is all good.

The Obama Hangover is the pain a moderate Obama backer is now feeling after having been promised the moon and realizing they have instead . . . been mooned. It’s got to be humiliating watching your Mr. Hope & Change fumble these first few weeks like a leprous teen would his girlfriend’s bra.

You must be feelin’ like my buddy who recently got married to his eHarmony “soul mate” who turned out to have no soul nor the desire to mate.

It’s a similar vibe this dude we call “Awood” felt who was sold the bill of goods that LSD would cleanse his doors of perception, lead him to strawberry fields and unleash his creativity. The only thing Awood’s acid trip got him was shaved eyebrows, Bruce tattooed on his left shoulder and a twelve-hour conversation with a giant Raggedy Ann doll.

The Obama Hangover is kinda like . . . okay . . . I’ll stop.

I know it hurts. You feel screwed, glued and tattooed.

Seriously, it only gets better. Read it all.

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