Religious Discrimination in Stimulus Bill

I have a challenge for all of you folks who are so enamored with this spendulus monstrosity. Explain to me how making it illegal for religious organizations or individuals to hold services or meetings on college campuses or any facilities that are improved or renovated with funds from this bill is stimulative. There, tucked cleanly inside, deep beneath the fat of all the social spending are two sentences that make it legal to discriminate against religion. So, if this passes groups such as Campus Crusade for Christ, Athletes in Action and other Christian – and let’s not forget Jewish, Muslim, and Hindu – groups would no longer be able to hold any religious activities inside any building that used funds from this bill for any renovations or improvements. Senator DeMint brought this to the senate’s attention and asked that they vote for his amendment that would strike this provision from the bill. Watch:

In case you’re wondering, his amendment failed 43-54. Suddenly discrimination is stimulative.

Hat tip: WND

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