What Is The President's Plan?

I guess we now have a glimpse into President Obama’s governing style.

In what could be the greatest challenge of his administration, the economy is diving quicker than Jacques Cousteau on speed. So how does Mr. Obama choose to confront this most serious crisis?

He has outsourced the problem to his fellow spend-freaks on the hill, whose sole objective seems to be to see just how much pork they can stuff into this sausage disguised as a “stimulus” package.

In one of the presidential debates, Obama stated that he would use a “scalpel” when it comes to cutting out wasteful spending.

In this case he hasn’t even examined the patient.

Yesterday, at a “retreat” for his Democratic colleagues, he proclaimed that a “stimulus bill” is inherently a “spending bill”, and that was the point of it. Nice red meat for his fellow tax and spend liberals, but a narrow, stupid statement otherwise.

Yes, emergency spending may be one aspect of of crafting a stimulus package, but it should not be the only ingredient , as Obama’s statement implies.

This also begs the question: Where the hell has the new Treasury Secretary been during all this? You know, the tax-cheating Tim Geithner? This man was touted as the most indispensable person to address this crisis by the President himself, but we have not seen nor heard from him at all.

Seems like the trouble with the other tax-cheating cabinet picks has made Obama think the best way to utilize Mr. Geithner is to keep him under wraps, away from the media and fed-up public, when this is exactly the time he should be out in front on this issue.

All of this makes Obama seem aimless and impotent. He has done nothing for this country during one of it’s darker economic moments. Nothing includes giving a coherent explanation of exactly why we should all get behind this plan.

The only jobs he’s stimulated are ones outside of this country in the form of overseas abortions. If that sector is anything like it is here, business should be booming.

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