"Fresh Faces"

“Fresh Faces”. So says Obama about his newly recruited Economic Recovery Advisory Board, which he has just “picked” to help him guide the economy through the rocks and shoals of these troubled economic seas.

Here’s his current list of “Fresh Faces”:

  • Paul Volker: Head of the panel, 81 years old, ex-Federal Reserve Chairman and one of Obama’s current economic advisors.
  • Tim Geithner: Obama’s new Treasury Secretary and tax-cheat.
  • Laurence Summers: Current Obama economic advisor.
  • Cristine Romer: Already heads Obama’s “Council of Economic Advisors”.
  • Robert Wolf: Chairman of UBS Group Americas, raised over $250,000 for the Obama campaign.
  • Jim Owens: CEO of Caterpillar, Inc. The same Caterpillar that just announced a lay-off of 20,000 people.
  • Anna Burger: Labor leader of the Service Employees International Union, whose Committee on Political Action gave $13.53 million to the Obama campaign.
  • Penny Priztker: Finance chair of Obama’s presidential campaign. Once head of Superior Bank which failed due to pushing too many sub-prime mortgages.
  • Richard Trunken: Secretary Treasurer of the AFL-CIO, which gave $50 million to help Obama and other Democratic national candidates.
  • Jeffery Immelt: CEO of General Electric. GE stock was at $38.52 a year ago. It is now down to $11.10 as of today. GE also owns NBC, which was essentially Obama’s un-official P.R. station.
  • Charles Phillips, Jr.: President of Oracle Corp. Donated $50,000 to Obama’s inauguration.
  • William Donaldson: SEC Chairman under the Bush Administration.
  • Martin Feldstein: Harvard economist.

Those are some aggressive, fresh faced, non-partisian individuals he’s picked. A third of which already work for him. Sounds like a solid, winning team to me!

Does he believe that he can be so transparent with his political pay-backs that people would not question who he picks? Can he be that sure his “cult of personality” will be enough to blind people into unwitting acceptance of everything he does? Or is he just, well, an idiot.

I’d hate to see who of experience he would use.

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