At this rate, by tomorrow we may find that 500 million Americans oppose Spendulus

Harry Reid gave the impression earlier tonight that he had the votes to pass Spendulus (aka: Porkulus, 2009 Generational Theft Act, etc.), but at 9 p.m. he announced the Senate would reconvene in the morning. I hope the 14 or so moderates that are meeting to try to come up with something they can all agree on check their email and phone messages before they vote. The way the polls are sinking for this porker we may wake up to find 500 million Americans oppose the bill. Heh. Mary Katharine has a good report on the latest regarding the polls and negotiations.

Chuck Schumer called Republicans “out of touch” on the floor tonight. The next time Republicans need lessons in being “in touch” with just 22 percent of the electorate, I’m sure they’ll let him know.

Senators vote for this crap sandwich at their own peril. Nothing is firm yet. There is still time to make your voice heard. MELT THE PHONES. I tried to get through quite a few times today and never could. I am going to be calling tonight. Hopefully I will be able to at the very least find a voicemail box that is not already full and leave a message. Email too. Kim has some numbers for wobbly Senators in a post below. I will update here with additional numbers and email addys shortly.

It is a bit ironic that if we are successful in stopping this big spending bill we might be doing a huge favor not only to the country, but to Democrats and Obama for saving them from themselves.

UPDATE: Here is the link to the list of Senators’ websites, email and phone numbers.

More contact info here.

The main Capitol switchboard number is (202) 224-3121. It was jammed all day, but you might be able to get through tonight or in the morning to leave a message.

UPDATE: The “Evil Republicans” are to blame.

UPDATE II: An ad from Americans for Prosperity targets Senator Kay Hagan here in NC.

UPDATE III: Chicago’s Mayor Daley refuses to reveal his stimulus “wish list.”

UPDATE IV: The unemployment figures released today may give Democrats enough “fear factor” to get the votes they need for porkulus to pass, but I hope that at least some of the crap in the crap sandwich will be removed first. For those who are saying all of the spending in this bill is stimulus, there is an easy to understand definition of stimulus in this Weekly Standard post:

The White House has its signals crossed. President Obama flew to Williamsburg, Va., tonight to address the House Democrats. Originally the speech was supposed to be off the record. But the White House decided to let the cameras in so that the president’s appeal for the economic stimulus bill could be heard around the world.

And what an appeal. Obama lambasted Republican critics of the stimulus and heaped scorn on the Bush administration for piling up the national debt. He said the stimulus bill could end the “tyranny of oil,” whatever that means, and made fun of Republicans for questioning whether some of the spending in the bill is actually stimulative. “What do you think ‘stimulus’ is?” Obama said. “It’s spending — that’s the whole point! Seriously.” (Just an aside: Obama is wrong. Stimulus is short-term spending to increase aggregate demand during an economic downturn. When the economy recovers, the stimulus spending is supposed to stop. The spending in Obama’s plan doesn’t stop after the economy recovers. Quite the contrary. Most of the spending is long-term.)

Obama’s performance was fiery. He went way off script. He seemed genuinely angry. He’s already blaming Republicans for holding up the stimulus — even though the GOP leader in the Senate says he has no intention of filibustering the bill. No bill, however important, ought to be passed without scrutiny. Certainly Democrats, who have spent the last eight years criticizing Republicans for rushing into things, should realize that.

UPDATE V: Something to be taken from the high unemployment numbers released today via email from people much smarter than me….

We’ve had enormous government spending in the last few years, from farm bills, to stimulus, to bailouts, to new federal regulations and control over major industries of the economy, and this is what it has given us? 3 million lost jobs in about a year? This is the hope of a bigger government and patriotic tax increases and federal control of healthcare, banking, and real estate?

Government grew $400 billion under Bush and we spent more than $1 trillion on bailout/stimulus in his last year but look at the results… while the private sector is slashing 600,000 jobs, Obama is proposing to add 600,000 new bureaucrat jobs in the public sector.

Bigger and bigger government. And this from Mitch McConnell:

“Americans can’t afford a trillion dollar mistake, however well meaning the intent. And at this point, that’s what many of them think this bill would be.”

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