Obama: All Hat, No Cattle

The ethereal expectations of Obama supporters are colliding with the reality of the incredibly shallow efforts of the nascent Obama administration as many voters observe that this politician does indeed have feet of clay. Obama is looking a lot less like the second coming of (insert Democrat icon here) and a lot more like Howard Dean.

The fiasco of the failed Daschle nomination was but the latest in a series of very avoidable embarrassments and lapses of judgment (how can a former Senate Minority and Majority Leader not be properly vetted?). President Obama cannot explain this away by simply saying “I screwed up,” and asking everyone to move on. If a demonstrated proficiency in executing the small things is a marker of one’s ability to tackle the big issues then we are all in for a long four years.

President Obama, during the last approximately six weeks, has bungled four appointments to cabinet positions (including Treasury Secretary Geithner, who is apparently still on the job owing to a tax statute of limitations excuse), allowed his Democrat Speaker of the House to roll him on an increasingly unpopular spending bill, and declared to the nation that he knows people think he’s cool as he yukked it up with Matt Lauer on Super Bowl Sunday while folks in my state were freezing to death in an ice storm, driving hundreds of miles to find generators and chainsaws and generally trying to fend for themselves in this post Katrina, hope and change era of good time liberal rock and roll politics (to say nothing of the Guantánamo closing that lacks an actual plan and the promise of more open FOIA disclosure that lacks actual results).

This is a not a good start. In fact, it’s embarrassing and reminds most of us of the worst of the Carter years with the added insult of monumental hubris and arrogance.

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