Not A Good Week

So, Obama is up in arms about CEO executive pay for companies which have taken government bailout money.

He and his Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner (who, ironically,it was under Geithner’s watch as NY Fed Chairman that his lax oversight led to the horrifically substandard lending practices at Citi, which, in turn, led to the company’s collapse, resulting in a $306 billion gubmint bailout) have called for a $500,000 salary cap on any CEO in charge of a company that has received government bailout money.

A very noble sentiment, indeed, but, in the big picture, one which is peanuts compared to the atrocious spending bill he is trying to ram down our throats.

This, however, plays well in the MSM and with the American people, giving Obama some cover for his disastrous cabinet picks, all of whom are millionaires in their own right.

It is appalling that this is how he is spending his time and communication with the American people, of which he obviously believes are attention depraved dupes, in this time of crisis.

The Dashcle drop-out and the subject of CEO salaries and perks are probably the best things that could have happened to the Obama camp right now, taking the focus away from his association with the spending bill, which, according to recent polls, the American people are becoming less satisfied with every day. Timely diversions that he and his bumbling press secretary Bob Gibbs can use to cloud over the important things, and let it seem as if it’s all Congress’ doing..

This bill is becoming an albatross around his neck, however. It’s been exposed as a porked-up credit scheme, and has served to do nothing but blow the blooms off Obama’s rose.

This has not been a good week for Obama. He has seemed to be out-of-touch, showing that he’s the same kind of Washington insider that he promised he wouldn’t be. He acts as if his cult of personality is enough to overcome any scrutiny, prancing around the MSM circuit, speaking to his loyal subjects as if he’s still on the campaign trail.

Between his almost comical cabinet picks, his back-pedaling of hiring lobbyists in his administration, and the mother of all spending billis, his false profit exterior is showing.

Next, Timothy Geithner should step down. If Dashcle was excoriated for his blatant tax evasion, than he is most certainly guilty of worse falsehoods. Republicans would do well to start floating that idea.

Hope and Change. I’m feeling it more everyday.

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