Nancy Pelosi: We'll lose 500 million jobs A MONTH without a stimulus package!

OH NO! Unless we pass the stimulus package, we’re going to lose 500 MILLION JOBS a MONTH! EVERYONE PANIC!!!!!!!!!1!!11!!!1!!!1!!!

So, let’s see… there are approximately 300 million people living in the United States at the last census count. But somehow, we’re going to lose 500 million jobs? A month?! And all because we won’t bend over and take it with a great big smile on our faces. Heaven forbid Americans actually question what Democrats are trying to do in Washington! I guess we better shut our traps and just let them go ahead with their massive $800 billion pork-laden spending spree, because otherwise, we are clearly screwed.

Hear that, all you conservative right-wingers? All of you Blue-Dog Democrats? There will be no hesitating at all to accept the Porkzilla Plan. Everyone needs to just stop worrying so much and let the Democrats sink the economy. I mean, jeez. What’s the deal with all of this “thinking for yourselves” baloney? Obama is in office, people! We’ve got hope’N’change now! You’re supposed to just be mindlessly swallowing everything we say! Got that??

In all seriousness, I think this little slip-up shows a few different things. First, it shows how completely out of touch Nancy Pelosi is… although, when you’re getting up into the trillions I can see how it can be difficult to keep track. Second, it shows how quickly Nancy Pelosi is willing to try to use fear to get what she wants. Third, and most telling, it just goes to show how journalism is completely dead right now. If Sarah Palin or John McCain had said this three and a half months ago, the media would’ve plastered it all over the news as a major headline in every newspaper and on every network. But because it’s Nancy Pelosi, there’s nothing. Crickets chirping.

Oh, and remember — this is supposed to be the bestest, most ethical, least corrupt, most awesome Congress EVAH!

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