Geithner Needs To Go.

Timothy Geithner needs to step down.

Or, more appropriately, Mr. Obama needs to relieve him of his privilege of serving as Treasury Secretary.

Mr. Obama’s statement that you can’t have two sets of rules, one for important people, and one for regular people who pay their taxes, rings hallow now that Tom Daschle is out .

The left, which sees no hypocrisy in this, is just smitten with Obama’s actions concerning these debacles so far.

The estimable Arianna Huffington, interviewed on MSNBC’s Countdown Wednesday night, called it “refreshing” that the President admitted his mistake, while also lauding his superhuman ability to put aside his differences he’s had with Mrs. Clinton, holding no grudges. This was juxtaposed with flashbacks to President Bush’s news conference where he was asked to name one mistake he had made in his tenure up to that point so far. Nice try.

If you run a business, and have two individuals who committed basically the exact same, let’s say, sexual offenses, what would it say about your stewardship if you kicked one to the curb and let one stay on? Would not your judgment be questioned? Would not other workers have the right to question your ability to remain impartial and steady in your decisions? Would not the people who gave you your office, the voters, have the right to demand you take an evenhanded approach to all who have violated the public trust in an administration which you picked?

No one person is more important than the law. That is what we are taught from cradle to grave. This case is no less pertinent.

Both Geithner and Daschle committed crimes. Only one is being admonished for it.

Geithner has to go.

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