Can't Even Think Of A Good Title.

Aside from being sidelined with a back problem, I’ve been faced with my first real case of writer’s block since I’ve been invited to Wizbang.

For me, there are two types of writer’s block: One is where you have nothing to say, and one is where you have something to say but can just not find the right way of expressing it.

I have a bit of both right now, and, since this is my first writing gig, it is very uncomfortable.

Breaking the cycle is something I guess I’ll just have to find out how best to do for myself.

Thoughts seem so clear in my mind, but, I just can’t find the right way to get them pinned down in a way in which will be correctly written and worthy of reading.

I’ve been jotting down possible interests, getting only so far with the few that have popped into my mind, never really finding enough to cap them off or tie them together.

Politically, there’s been alot that’s gone on, but, it’s all so self explanatory to me. Writing about tax cuts versus spending, whether this one should be bounced for tax cheating, it’s all very sterile and straightforward to me.

I always felt blogging should be about making people think. Whether it’s thinking differently then they may have, or whether it’s just making them think more about a subject, it should be about trying to expand someones viewpoints on subjects, opening their minds to other possibilities. And in doing that, reading comments, it allows me to think even more, maybe even in ways I never thought of before.

Just seems like I haven’t much to offer right now.

Of course, I’m on some medication, which doesn’t help, but, it’s still more than a little troubling.

Anyway, I thought maybe writing about writer’s block would somehow help me to get over this hump.

Maybe I should find a pen-pal.

Any suggestions?

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