Well, I was wrong

A while back I was goofing on Bill Richardson and – as is even more apparent today – the Obama administration’s staggering ineptitude when it comes to vetting cabinet appointments. One of the riffs I threw in was that naming a new Commerce Secretary would be delayed as Team Obama scrambled to find another Hispanic to nominate for the post. In the comments I said I’d put up a post stating I was wrong if a Hispanic wasn’t nominated for Commerce.

Well, I was wrong.

President Obama extended a political olive branch to the GOP on Tuesday, nominating Sen. Judd Gregg, R-New Hampshire, to head the Commerce Department.

Despite a surname just as Hispanic as Richardson, former Senator Gregg looks about as white bread as you can get. Beyond that, he’s a Republican. Could it be that Republicans now outnumber Hispanics in Obama’s cabinet?

While the initial post was pretty tongue-in-cheek, I am surprised that another Hispanic wasn’t nominated. My professional background is in Human Resources (recruiting, which falls under HR…) and no club is swung more freely in the HR world than the “diversity” club. To the point recruiting agencies specializing in “diversity” candidates get substantially larger fees and positions that are otherwise subjected to a hiring freeze will magically thaw when a “diversity” candidate is queued for an offer.

I figure either Obama assumes he’s golden with Hispanics already or he’s planning to grease them with so much pork and an amnesty bill that he will be able to walk on stage at a LULAC rally and urinate on the crowd without affecting his share of Hispanic votes. Because if they didn’t turn out for Amnesty John in 2008 they won’t turn out for the Republican in 2012 either.

Then again, with the vetting failures endemic to so many of Obama’s high-level appointments he has several more opportunities to slip a Latino into the deck. Or not.

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