Spend. Spend. Spend.

This is change? This is hope?

This is not being afraid of “listening to new ideas, take(ing) chances.” as Senator Inouye said today in Senate deliberations about the Obama/Pelosi/Reid “Gang of Three Pork-a-thon”?

All we heard from Senate Democrats today was about spending. Spending on educating, welfare, health care, the nebulous “infrastructure”, Medicaid funding, disabled people, Head Start, Pell grants, unemployment extensions.

All worthy things taken by themselves, but, not ONE will help to stimulate the economy.

It is time to bury out-dated Keynesian economics forever.

The experiment of spending your way out of a recession with money we don’t have has time and again succeeded to fail, and this immoral, $825 billion spending package will be no exception.

We need deep tax cuts, across the board, to stimulate his economy and shock it back to life. Corporate, personal, and property taxes need to be cut by double-digit percentage points of what they are now.

It is proven, time and again, that tax cuts have the effect of stimulating the economy. Imagine the effect substantial corporate tax cuts would have on Wall Street, where millions of Americans have their fortunes invested. This could be the grandest stage on which to prove the effectiveness of tax cuts, generating huge amounts of income, increasing consumer confidence, and creating jobs at a rate never before seen. And it would start within days of passage.

This bill, as is, gooped up with economy-clogging pork spending will haunt us for years to come. Spending money we don’t have on projects which don’t help, all the while paying interest on it, makes one pine for the seemingly fiscally responsible days of the Bush Administration. Who wouldn’t love to have a deficit of only $400 billion instead of over $2 trillion? The Democrats are willing to destroy the free market economy in order to enact proposals that will cement their power, creating a leftist regime which will drive this country to bankruptcy.

This week has not been a good showing for Obama and Democrats. They look like drunken sailors on steroids, but we’re the dopes who will have to pay the piper.

Obama sounds as if he doesn’t realize he’s won the election. Every camera shot he talks of “hurting families” and “losing jobs” like he’s on a stump speech in Pennsylvania.

Got news for ya, Barry: No Sh*t!

Stop screwing around. Create a plan which cuts taxes and addresses current emergency spending needs, and you might just succeed.

Go down this road, and, if you haven’t destroyed the country yet, you’ll have another Republican Revolution on your hands in 2010.

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