Rednecks die, no one cries

Theological question: Would Jesus host a party for the Romans and serve them gourmet food, while the population of Nazareth languished and died under the weight of an almost unprecedented natural disaster?

In the wake of the news slowly filtering out of Kentucky and the Appalachian/Ozark region of our nation that is suffering from the worst ice storm in memory, perhaps it’s appropriate to ask the whereabouts of our own Savior. Turns out he’s in Washington DC, basking in a toasty-warm Oval Office, serving the finest in gourmet food to the Democrat leadership, and preparing a deluxe Superbowl party for tonight.

In other words, he’s not moving mountains to alleviate the suffering of those who are freezing and dying in Kentucky. Neither, apparently, is FEMA. The MSM is also largely a no-show. And Hollywood? Fuggetaboutit. Why?

I’m going to offer an explanation — it’s just a theory but it’s pretty easy to follow.

This map shows the net gains picked up during the 2008 Presidential election, Democrats in blue and Republicans in red. Notice where the red areas are located?


Now should we conclude that Democrats hate McCain voters and have no remorse over seeing them freeze and die? If the sides were switched, you can bet your bippy that Hollywood liberals, the mainstream media, and Congressional Democrats would be showing the same map and going berserk … just like they did 3 1/2 years ago an a city called New Orleans.

Rick Moran doesn’t mince words: “It’s got to be that Obama hates white people and wants them to die!

The Anchoress says, “Heck of a job, Barry.” She also has the go-to roundup of news links and conservative blogger reactions, as well as (always) an even-handed set of observations.

I’ll admit that on some level all this probably seems petty, but I’m human enough to admit that after enduring eight years of the same crap from the Left, it feels good to get it out of your system. And no one knows petty acrimony better than the Left, eh?

ADDED – additional comments below:

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My, my, we sure have raised the ire of the trolls here, haven’t we?

How does it feel to be called murderers and racists? Think about that for a minute.

And start reading a little. FEMA mounted one of the most extensive rescue and relief campaigns in modern history after Hurricane Katrina. You can learn all about it here.

After Katrina, FEMA coordinated with US military and National Guard troops from several surrounding states and managed to move nearly 100,000 personnel into New Orleans a mere 72 hours after the storm hit. I expect that the response to the current ice storm will be no less impressive, once conditions improve enough for them to arrive and begin working.

See, natural disasters commonly create hazardous conditions that prevent outside rescuers from intervening immediately after the disaster takes place. That’s what is happening in Kentucky right now.

And that’s what happened in New Orleans in 2005.

But today, Hollywood and the mainstream media aren’t filling the airwaves with pictures of dead bodies, frozen to death, being hauled out of stalled cars or out of people’s homes. They’re not camped out at every relief shelter. They’re not magnifying the situation to epic proportions. And they are not exploiting any number of ridiculous conspiracy theories.

Maybe my silly little conspiracy theory makes you uncomfortable. Fine. But what I wrote is certainly no less whacked that what Spike Lee, Louis Farrakhan, and others were cooking up after Katrina.

Now that the shoe is on the other foot politically, my advice to liberals is buck up and take it. Because your side raised the bar of responsibility so high, and lowered the bar of common courtesy so low, that you are going to have a very tough time during the next four to eight years — now that everything is, well, your fault.

It seems fitting to close this subject with a quote from a follow-up post written Monday Feb. 2 by The Anchoress:

The president stays out of the way of the first responders, and then – usually 3 or 4 days into an event – views the damage. If possible, he gets on the ground and meets the people and shows himself to be present to them and to the situation.

President Obama has not done that. 7 days into the mess, he has not asked Americans to donate to the Red Cross or other disaster-relief agencies. He has not flown over the area to see the extent of the disaster. He has not gotten onto the ground to meet with anyone. This is the first thing that Obama can rightly be criticized for – he should now, finally, make an appearance. The rest of it, the steak-eating, the cocktails, the ballgame – it is brought up only to illustrate the difference between what was unreasonably demanded of one president, and what is (reasonably) excused in another.

The “where’s Bush” press should be called on this; on the double-standards, the manipulative and self-indulgent emotionalism and dishonest Bush-bashing that demanded miracles from a man who had done all he could in the situation, and asks nothing at all of President Obama. If there is still an honest reporter, anywhere – in print or on television or radio – I’d like to see him or her encourage some self-examination of the press and their extreme and reprehensible behavior during Katrina. But I won’t hold my breath. After all, most members of the press think Katrina was “their finest hour.”

I guess if you think your job is to destroy a president, it was that, after all.

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