Obama's Rendition Policy and the Pro-Torture Left

Obama expands rendition!From Ed Morrisey:

For the last seven years, the Left has screeched hysterically over the CIA practice of rendition, in which agents turn detainees over to authorities in their home country for interrogation. Never mind that the practice started in the Clinton administration, and never mind that the other options were Guantanamo Bay, release, or two caps in the back of the head; they pilloried Bush over renditions as if he’d thought them up himself. Hollywood even made a movie about how awful the process is, apparently matched in awfulness only by the film’s box office.

Barack Obama exploited that outrage when he promised Hope and ChangeTM, and the Left squealed with joy over the Brave New Obama World in national security. Now they’ll have to squeal again as Obama has had a sudden revelation as President that renditions are more necessary than ever, if the CIA can’t hold these subjects at Gitmo or its own secret sites.Let me know if any of Obama’s supporters start complaining that he is even more evil and blood thirsty than George Bush. If they don’t, this exposes their hypocrisy and partisanship and also shows them to be stinking liars that hated George Bush primarily because he had an “R” after his name. Most of us already knew that, but it is nice to have independent incontrovertible evidence to cite.

Ace wants to know when we will see the movie Rendition II.

Moe Lane names a few of the pro-torture Left.

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