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The Desert Sun reports on a new tactic possibly being used by US border patrol-

The U.S. Border Patrol picked up six parents dropping off their young children at a bus stop in Thermal on Tuesday, according to Coachella Valley Unified School District officials.

“It happens in the fields and stuff and we understand that,” said Elizabeth Ramirez, the principal of Oasis Elementary School, where the children attend school. “But we’ve never had it at a bus stop.”

A spokesman for the U.S. Border Patrol, however, could not confirm Tuesday’s reported detentions.

The agency had no record of any arrests made in the past three days in the Thermal area, said agency spokesman Gerardo Gonzalez, based in El Centro.

“We don’t perform arrests at schools and churches,” he added.

Witnesses said Border Patrol agents took the six parents into custody about 7:30 a.m. Tuesday — when five buses typically pick up more than 350 elementary school children at a trailer park on Avenue 70.

School bus drivers claim arrests were made. Border patrol says they don’t do this. Who are you supposed to believe? Wizbang readers know I am no fan of one agency(ICE) that helps to enforce US immigration. Nor am I naive enough to think an agency would never lie(or accidentally misinform the press or public).

This story was written three days ago. Nothing has been reported since. I’d think the Desert Sun would be digging further.

School officials were unable to identify, within the school day, which students’ parents were involved, Ramirez said.

Nevertheless, school personnel sent someone to the bus stop after school to make sure each of the children were picked up by a family member or friend.

Privacy laws keep school officials from giving details about a student. However the article reports that they were unable to identify the students involved. Wouldn’t they just say we can’t name them because of privacy laws?

Do we have an immigration urban legend? It will be interesting to see if this story is reported any further.

Hat tip- Immigration Prof blog

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