I Feel Stimulated Already

Well, the pork-stuffed, slow working “stimulus” plan has been passed in the House and has hit the ground crawling.

Don’t you feel all “hopey and changey” already?

When one examines some of the items that constitutes the proposal, one has to wonder : “Was Obama smoking crack?”

Most of his proposals are meant for placating most of the members of congress, as opposed to actually accomplishing something meaningful to the long term stability of our economy.

What could he have included in this plan that would offer up some sort of immediate stimulus and job creation?

Here’s just a few that may have been worthy enough to have been included, and may have had a positive impact on the lives of “hurting” Americans for a long time..

  • Not one mention of nuclear energy. Zero, zip, nada. Hundreds of thousands of jobs could have been created, not merely “saved”, by planning, constructing, working, and maintaining these plants, which we so desperately need. Sustainable jobs that would survive long past Obama’s tenure, and one which would forever be linked to his legacy.
  • Obama has alloted $1 billion dollars to Amtrak, a company which has not turned a profit in years. Instead of tossing money at a losing entity, why not build modern, super speed bullet trains to connect our major cities, ones which would create jobs in terms of the construction of them, and jobs which would be needed to run, service, and maintain them, as well. Obama is hell-bent on burdening an already crumbling auto industry, pushing creation of hybrid cars and enacting new draconian CAFE standards. By investing in a modernized train system, he would free himself up to help these automakers climb out of their coffins, “saving” jobs, while gradually implementing new standards of which they would have to adhere.
  • Construction of new bridges and tunnels connecting New York and New Jersey would not only alleviate the most congested traffic areas in the country, but would again create long-term, sustainable jobs in the building of such structures, staffing of these structures, while creating more toll revenue in the process.
  • Drill, Baby, Drill! There is no reason why we cannot avail ourselves of our own natural resources. We are going to be an oil-based society for the better part of this century, and we must lose no time in procuring as much of our own as we can. It is foolhardy to believe that we cannot do one while placating the other warming myth.

All four of these ideas would also add to his fuzzy CO2 reduction plan, combating the liberal pet myth of “Global warming”.

  • All we’ve heard about New Orleans and its surrounding areas is how little has been done to fix it. This is a chance to create jobs to clean up, rebuild, enact a Dutch-like system of levies, and re-industrialize these areas. This would be a golden opportunity for Obama to rally the country behind something which has been woefully not addressed, and create thousand of jobs in an area which needed them even before Katrina hit. It would revive one of the nations most well known, unique areas, and show that he is the leader that he has been preaching to us for the better of four years.

Obama has a unique, once in a political lifetime opportunity to transform certain aspects of our nations infrastructure, cementing himself as perhaps one our most influential, forward thinking presidents of the modern era since the likes of Teddy Roosevelt.

Instead, he wastes it on the same Washington-speak and back room shenanigans that has gotten us into this mess in the first place.

What a shame.

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