General Petraeus Will Be Honored in Super Bowl Ceremony

This is too cool (via Jim Hoft):

US Airways pilot Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger and the crew from Flight 1549 will be honored by the NFL before the Super Bowl.

Sullenberger, co-pilot Jeffrey B. Skiles and flight attendants Doreen Walsh, Sheila Dail and Donna Dent will be recognized before the start of Sunday’s game between the Arizona Cardinals and Pittsburgh Steelers.

Sullenberger was praised as a hero for a deft landing Jan. 15 on the Hudson River after both the plane’s engines were disabled following a collision with a flock of birds. All 155 passengers and crew members were rescued.

Also being honored is Gen. David Petraeus, who heads the U.S. Central Command.

Petraeus will be part of the coin toss ceremony, which also include past Super Bowls greats Lynn Swann, Roger Craig and John Elway.I (almost jokingly) said when Obama was elected that now maybe at least more in the media would begin to acknowledge the great successes our troops have had in Iraq since it would no longer help Bush or Republicans. Maybe I was right. Hopefully we will see more of this. Sad that they couldn’t do it earlier, but better late than never.

I wonder what those nasty “General Betray Us” people will have to say about it.

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