House GOP holds the line; unanimously votes against "stimulus" bill

My problem with the current Republicans in Washington the last few years has been this: they’ve seemingly tried as hard as they can to be Democrat-lite. They pay lip service to conservative principles, but bend over backwards to help Democrats get whatever they want. All a Democrat has to do to get one of our GOP weenies on their side was point a finger and say “PARTISAN!”, and the GOP weenie will jump up and down to prove how “bipartisan” they are, even if it means selling out their principles. Democrats in Washington have no principles; Republicans have no spines.

There have been brief flashes of strength among the GOP over the past year; the “Drill Baby Drill” house revolt immediately comes to mind. And yesterday, House Republicans remembered their principles and voted uniformly NO against the wasteful, pork-laden “stimulus” bill (as was already noted on Wizbang earlier, but this is such good news, it deserves two posts).

The House of Representatives approved an $819 billion economic stimulus package Wednesday, dealing the new Obama administration a legislative victory but also giving Republicans a chance to show their resolve as the opposition party.

The final vote was 244-188, mostly along party lines. All Republicans who were present voted against the bill. They were joined in their opposition by 11 Democrats.

Here is the official roll call, if you’re interested.

This bill will be horrible for the United States. And yes, it passed anyways. But the House GOP sent a powerful message, and this is now officially the Democrats’ baby. Throwing money into a recession has never helped the economy before (hello, FDR, I’m talking to you), and this bill isn’t really even designed to stimulate the economy. It’s loaded with pork and wasteful spending that, if passed, our children — maybe even our grandchildren — will be the ones paying it off. This is $825 billion of borrowed money, and it will do absolutely nothing to help the economy. Zip, zero, nada.

So, big high fives all around to the House GOP. We’ve been hard on them the past few years, but perhaps they’re finally remembering their principles. Let’s hope the Senate GOP follows their lead. The bill will likely pass anyway, but if it’s a bill that no Republicans voted for, at least that’ll be a little plus.

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