Barack Obama: Me Muslim Friend!

Well, Barack Obama has a new friend, and no, it’s not George Bush.

It’s the Taliban!

From Reuters:

Obama’s move to close Guantanamo detention center is a positive step for peace and stability in the region and the world…,” the Taliban said in a message posted on Islamist websites, monitored by the U.S.-based terrorism monitor, the SITE Intelligence Group.”

They then elaborate on this friendly advice to B.Hussein:

“If Obama is right and, according to his words, wants to open a new page based on peaceful interaction built on mutual respect with the Islamic world, the first thing he has to do is to stop and annul all these procedures, which were created according to Bush’s criminal policy,” it said.

He must completely withdraw all his forces from the two occupied Islamic countries (Afghanistan and Iraq), and to stop defending Israel against Islamic interests in the Middle East and the entire world,” the Taliban message said.

Oh, is that all? Can’t wait for Barack’s first speech in a Muslim nation.

The day after this glorious diplomatic breakthrough, The Prez offered these thoughts to his prospective Islamic brethren:

From the TimesOnline:

It is impossible for us to think only in terms of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and not think in terms of what’s happening with Syria or Iran or Lebanon or Afghanistan and Pakistan. These things are inter-related,” he said. “We are looking at the region as a whole and communicating a message to the Arab world and the Muslim world, that we are ready to initiate a new partnership based on mutual respect and mutual interest.”

Not to forget to throw in the usual blame America first mantra, while Iran still sends explosive devices and infiltrators over the Iraqi border to help kill U.S. troops, Mr. Obama had this to say of his possible friendship with the diplomatic Mullahs:

“In the remarks broadcast yesterday he made a virtue out of his background. “I have Muslim members of my family. I have lived in Muslim countries,” he said. “My job to the Muslim world is to communicate that the Americans are not your enemy. We sometimes make mistakes. We have not been perfect.”

The President confirmed that he would make a speech from an Islamic capital within the coming months, adding that he hoped to do a more effective job of reaching out, listening” to Muslims everywhere “because all too often the United States starts by dictating”.

How do you say “chump” in Arabic?

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