Looking Forward to Rush's Show Today

As I am sure everyone who follows politics knows by now, Barack Obama in a private meeting with members of the Republican party told them that if they want to work with him to get things done then they need to stop listening to Rush Limbaugh. In calling out Rush, Barack Obama has told the country and the world that he considers Limbaugh a threat. Ed Morrissey highlights it perfectly:

One doesn’t make points at all about bipartisanship by explicitly attacking another partisan voice, no matter how much one disagrees with it. By naming Rush and attempting to sideline him, Obama lifted Rush’s profile and practically anointed him his opposition. It demonstrates that Obama still has no sense of his office, nor of “post-partisanship”, regardless of his endlessly empty rhetoric on the subject…

Anytime a man in a position of great power attacks someone with significantly less power, it lessens the greater man and raises up his opponent. The American President is, thanks to the office, the most powerful man in the free world. If he’s worried about any political pundit so much that he has to attack him personally, it shows weakness, which is exactly what Obama cannot afford.

Indeed. Read all of Ed’s post because it’s filled with many excellent points. I know I’ll be listening to Rush’s show today, and I have a feeling his audience will be larger than usual with so many new people turning in to find out about this Rush Limbaugh guy that Barack Obama is so afraid of.

Obama plans on making the same mistake with Iran and its president. Let’s hope he learns from this mistake with Limbaugh before he really screws up and elevates Ahmadinejad’s position in the world.

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